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About the Artist

Rob Bolanos

Hello, my name is Rob Bolanos
I have been very creative all my life but have never had the time to explore my Artistic side. I Never knew what type of Art that I would be good at or be excited about. When I was younger, I dabbled with Air brush and Pencil coloring but didn’t feel motivated with those mediums. I focused on my career and kept busy with owning several businesses and raising 2 beautiful children.
Now that my businesses are in somewhat of an auto pilot I have had time to do some painting and I fell in love with Acrylic and Canvas. I am now hooked. I feel such a passion and excitement for my new found talent and motivation. I usually paint things that i like.
Since I am a LEO, you will see lots of lions in my collection as well as cars and watches which I love to collect. I also like sketching and drawing portraits since it challenges me to get the expressions and emotions of the subject just right.
My art is priced so that most people can afford and enjoy it without having to take out a loan. I hope to keep improving my craft and challenging myself to express in more creative ways.
I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoyed creating each one of these paintings.
Sincerely, Rob

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